SVN Autocheckout

Sebastian Buckpesch

Dear USVN-Team,

thanks a lot for your product. It helps me a lot to manage my SVN-Repository and projects. As a contribution to your work I send you my auto-commit files, which I think many developers are using.

What auto-commit does: Each time someone is checking in a new version of a file to the repository, the file will be checked-out to the www-directory automatically, so that everybody can see the new version live on the test-/web-server. To get this functionality you need two files in the hooks-folder of a project:
  • hooks/post-commit (you have to replace two variables, repository path and path to www-folder)
  • hooks/bin/ (has to be executable by post-commit: chmod +x)

Proposal to quick including autocheckout functionality:
1) When an admin creates a new project in usvn he can choose to use auto-checkout. If so, he has to enter the server path to his www-directory he wants to checkout the files to.
2) After saving you include the two attached files into the repository template (folder hooks) and replace the two variables in post-commit-file (repo-path and www-path)

That's it! I think it's not so complicated to include and would help many users.

Best Regards from Dublin,

Attached file: