USVN 0.7 RC5

USVN 0.7 RC5 is a preview release of next major version of USVN

You can test this version before publication of the production ready release.

The main changes on this version are based on users feedbacks.
Group's management browsing has been rewritten.
Now it is possible to choose a group leader witch control users in a specified group.
Project leaders can't modify groups linked to their projects.

Concerning the change log:

  • Add of an RSS flow witch allow to follow project life's.
  • New dedicated time line page.
  • New tools in order to import existing Subversion repositories.
  • USVN package for WAMP, easy installation of USVN under Windows.
  • Groups management rewriting.
  • Automatics checks for new USVN release.
  • Page witch give a detailed USVN installation report.
  • Recursive rights application on folders and sub folders.
  • Russian translation
  • German translation
  • It is also possible to create empty projects (they will not have folders "/trunk" ,"/tags", "/branches" automatically generated.)
  • By default user will not have write permissions on folders "/trunk and "/branches" ( this do not concern "/tags" folder).

You can download this version: