Release of Mike (Version 0.6)

We have just published USVN 0.6. The main guideline of this version is to improve compatibility with many operating systems and many databases.

An automated update from 0.5 is provided but please backup your data before updating.

You can download this version on our website:

Thanks for your support

Changelog of version 0.6

  • Support of Sqlite Database
  • Support of Mysqli adapter (Solve crash on debian etch)
  • 64 bits support
  • Microsoft Windows support
  • Detect some possible configuration issues in installation (mod_dav_svn, mod_rewrite, safe_mode...)
  • Access rigths on root directory of subversion repositories

Minor features

  • When you create an user you can create a group with the same name
  • Add user into a group directly into this group admin page
  • Manage user's groups into users admin page
  • Arrow works in completions
  • Using Zend Framework 1.0.0RC2
  • Better compatibility with Internet Explorer

The USVN team.